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I'm Jimmy Smiles. I'm a California native, currently living and working in Davis, CA, home to UC Davis.  I've been hosting The Smiles Show for more than 5 years, initially a weekly music show on 96.5FM KUBU in Sacramento, and then a weekly public affairs show was added on 90.3FM KDVS in Davis.   

Currently, new episodes of Podcast Smiles are available each Saturday morning.  Each podcast features discussions on health and wellness, with a focus on community and individual empowerment. Often, topics will include urban and sociological issues, as well as environmental awareness. The podcast also airs each Friday from 5 to 6pm PT on 90.3FM KDVS in Davis, CA

New editions of The Smiles Show (Music Edition) air each Wednesday from 2 to 3pm PT on 96.5FM KUBU in Sacramento, CA, and also on the KUBU/Access Sacramento website.  Each week features a music "theme" with songs around that theme. Plus, you'll hear all the chart stats and stories behind the songs. 

I received my BA in Rhetoric and Communications from UC Davis and currently work in the UC Davis Supply Chain Management organization as a website and training content developer. 

When not working or producing radio shows, I love reading (especially books on urban planning and design), studying the weather, performing in community theatre, spending time with my fabulous feline, Roger, visiting the beach, and walking and exploring the world barefoot. Life's too short for shoes! 

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