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Check out The Smiles Show Soundcloud page for the audio files for the past shows.


Aprio 20, 2024:  It's the 2024 Special Edition KDVS Fundraiser edition of The Smiles Show, where I put the "fun" in fundraising...what else would you expect? I look at where your donations go, how KDVS benefits the community, and the history of The Smiles Show on KDVS. Also, I have a special offer for getting your very own Smiles Show cool is that?   I also highlight ways to stay positive and keep moving forward, even when the news is bad and times are tough. Local news includes an upcoming workshop and events for small businesses, Davis city commission recruitments, and more ways to celebrate literacy and a love of reading.  Thanks for listening to The Smiles Show....and donating to KDVS if you can!  


April 13, 2024:  It's the 200th edition of Podcast Smiles!  On this week's edition of The Smiles Show, I highlight some of the many awesome events scheduled for April 20th at UC Davis on Picnic Day!  I also share fun and beneficial ways to celebrate Mother Earth on Earth Day.  Lots of local news this week, too, and that includes a "cooler" pavement grant, traffic speed enforcement, an open poet laureate position in Davis, Earth Day festival in Sacramento, and Picnic in the Park returning to Davis Central Park on May 1st!  And, I talk about independent book stores and their special day coming up April 27th!  Tune you will be in the know! 


April 6, 2024:  Here's a list of just *some* of the items on this week's edition of The Smiles Show: UC Davis Eggheads, West Sacramento A's, Duck Days, Record Day, Cesar Chavez Celebration, Free Bike Lights, Earth Day with California Parks, Take Our Kids to Work Day, Pedestrian Safety (and lack, thereof!), West Sacramento Bike Festival, Book Recommendation on Oakland History, and Ways to Develop More Critical-Thinking Skills. There truly is something for everyone on this week's edition of the show...keep on smiling!

March 30, 2024:  It's the last show of March, and this week on The Smiles Show I look at April commemorations.  April is National Hope Month, and I share ways we can cultivate more hope in our communities every day.  Fair Housing Month is recognized in April, and I look at local resources to ensure that your access to housing is equitable...and who to contact if it is not.  April is also Financial Literacy Awareness Month, and I share resources that can make your money go further!  Local news includes an upcoming life workshop for Davis teens, Sacramento ending its red light camera program, college scholarships for local high school students, and the student perspective in The California Aggie!  As always, thanks for tuning in and smiling with me.


March 23, 2024:  This week on The Smiles Show, I look at fun ways to discover your next great read...or new genre of book!  Are speed cameras the answer to improving street safety? The answer is not so clear so far.  Los Angeles voters support improvements to pedestrian, bicycle, and public transit infrastructure.   What does this entail, and what could it signify on a larger level?  Spring is in the air, and I share fun ways to celebrate!  And, as always, lots of local news is featured, including a small and diverse business expo in Sacramento.  Thanks for tuning in!


March 16, 2024:  Are you always feeling unlucky, or focusing on the negative aspects of life? On this week's edition of The Smiles Show, I share ideas for reframing experiences and perspectives into a more positive and empowering light and also avoiding the pitfalls of cynicism.  Pedestrian safety news is a mixed bag...New York City just experienced the safest year ever for pedestrians, but the numbers in the rest of the US are still stubbornly high. What can safety advocates learn from NYC?  Local news includes the Davis State of the City address, upcoming KDVS radio fundraiser, and music event in Sacramento.  As always, thanks for tuning in and smiling with me!


March 9, 29024:  As March marches on, this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at  transportation (how AI can help improve bus shelters and how car culture impacts our society at large), nutrition and health (managing ongoing health challenges and non-diet impacts on sugar numbers), local news (community-based flood insurance and 10-minute play festival), and how one can address loneliness in their life.  As always, thanks for tuning in and sharing some time (and smiles) with me!


March 2, 2024:  It's the first edition of The Smiles Show for March 2024!  This week's show comes in like a lion, looking at lots of local news, including several long-time business closures, haircuts for a good cause, a competition between Davis and 15 other US cities for the "strongest town" award, upcoming Picnic Day in April, 10-minute play festival in March, a hootenanny singing event, and a cool new art studio option in downtown Davis. Read Across America Day is March 2nd, and I share a resource for encouraging more reading.  March is Social Workers Awareness Month, and I look at the various types of  occupations that fall under this umbrella.  Finally, loneliness continues to plague many communities, and I look at ways that communities might begin to address this with infrastructure and policy improvements.  Thanks for tuning in and Smiling with me!


Febuary 17, 2024:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at train stations, with a future Elk Grove station getting closer to reality, and a workshop highlighting planned improvements to the Davis station.  I also share articles on tax breaks for large vehicles, and why they exist, and why police data only tells part of the story when it comes to collisions between cars and pedestrians and bicyclists, and ways we might get a better picture of reality.  We have an "extra day" coming up on February 29th, and I share ways to enjoy it. Also, I highlight a fun article on barefoot hiking...enjoy life one step at a time on The Smiles Show!


February 10, 2024:  This week on The Smiles Show I look at Valentine's Day from the perspective of those of us who are single...what can we do to best enjoy the holiday and also connect with others who are single?  I also look at ways we can show love to one another and our larger neighborhood and community.  Lent is a time when many give up something to become more spiritually-connected and mindful.  Whether you have a spiritual practice or not, there are benefits to giving some things up, and I look at creative ways to become more mindful with sacrifices.  Local news includes shrinking city committees, local tax assistance, and a children's summer fair. Thanks for tuning in!


February 3, 2024:  Punxsutawney Phil did not see his shadow recently on Groundhog Day, but this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks into "Shadow Work" and how it might be beneficial for some well as the challenges in approaching the work.  Library Lovers month continues, and I highlight a recent book on tight versus loose cultures, and also the many "little free libraries" that dot the landscape in many communities.  Local news includes a survey on mental health resources in Yolo County, the Sacramento Air Quality Management District top accomplishments in 2023, and changes to Davis city commissions.  Thanks for checking out the show!


January 27, 2024:  It's the last new public affairs edition of The Smiles Show for the first month of 2024!  This week I highlight a couple of February commemorations, Library Lovers Month and Heart Health Month. Why not celebrate both by walking to the library and checking out a good book?  Speaking of books, I also share a book review where the author drove much of The Green Book. Other topics on the show this week include working through a lack of motivation, a good resource for preparation for the March elections, the Davis Dirt publication, and a 10-minute play festival coming soon to Winters!  Lots on tap...thanks for tuning in! 


January 20, 2024:  On this third public affairs edition of The Smiles Show for 2024, I look at ways that one can increase focus and concentration in these highly-distracting times. And, if you are feeling "cranky," I will share some ideas for managing that too! We may not always be able to control the irritations in life, but at least we might find healthier ways to cope. Other topics including registering to vote in the March election, a survey on turf conversion in a local Davis park, a grant opportunity for local non-profits, and a scholarship opportunity for high school and college students. Thanks for joining me!


January 13, 2024:  Welcome to the second new public affairs edition of The Smiles Show for 2024! This week I look at a list of new year's resolutions to improve our transportation infrastructure here in the US. I also share facts about donating blood, as we celebrate National Blood Donation Month. Unfortunately, hit and run incidents are on the rise, and I share suggestions on what to do if you are a victim. Lots of local news is also highlighted, including a parks survey and an upcoming chocolate festival. Bon appetit! Thanks for listening.

January 6, 2024:  It's the first new public affairs edition of The Smiles Show for 2024!  This week I look at the topic of mental health and well-being.  How can you best take care of yourself, especially when times are rough, or you are dealing with others who may also be impacted with their own challenges to mental health?  I also share resources for UC Davis students, the larger community, and ways that each of us can start the new year feeling stronger.  Reading challenge updates and a survey on new lighting options for downtown Davis are also high "lighted!" Thanks for tuning in and starting 2024 with Smiles!


December 23, 2023:  On this final public affairs edition of The Smiles Show for 2023, I look back at the top news stories of the year. I also share a bunch of healthy (and do-able!) new year's resolutions, and even some fun, unusual, and creative resolutions, too! Thanks for tuning in to The Smiles Show in 2023; all the best for a peaceful and relaxing holiday season and new possibilities in 2024!  


December 16, 2023:  On this third weekend of December, The Smiles Show looks ahead to the upcoming Winter Solstice and fun ways to enjoy the start of the new season, especially for families and kids. I also share creative ways to "give" during the holidays, especially if your friends don't want more "stuff" in their lives. I look at some of the 2023 top news stories in the world of active transportation and urban design in the greater Sacramento region. I also share a review on a very engaging book about parking, so pull on up and stay a while for this week's edition of The Smiles Show!


December 9, 2023:  As we move further into December, you may be looking for ways to save money. This week's edition of The Smiles Show highlights an article on many fun and creative ways to save money now and throughout the year. Volunteering can be a great way not only to give back to your community, but a fabulous way to make new friends and develop new skills, too; on this week's show, I look at many ways to help others in your community, whatever your interest or passion may be! I also give a recap on the recent Interstate 80 Freeway Teach-In and some of the many issues that were addressed. Thanks for tuning in and Smiling with me!


December 2, 2023:  On this first edition of The Smiles Show for in December, I look at what happened to all the Grayhound bus stations and how this is impacting those passengers who rely on its service. I look at how car crashes are covered in the media and if the perspective is primarily auto-centric, leaving the perspective of non-auto users, including pedestrians and bicyclists, out of the complete context of the stories being covered. Also, identity theft continues to be on the rise, and I share some tips on how to protect yourself. Our mind affects our body, and I share some great ways to ensure that we are doing what we can to keep that relationship positive. Local news, ways to keep our bike lanes clear, and a proposed 2026 ballot initiative for improving Bay Area transportation are also highlighted. Thanks for listening!

November 18, 2023:  During this season of Thanksgiving, this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at the physical, mental, and social benefits of sharing gratitude, ways to incorporate more gratitude into your life, and ways to overcome potential obstacles.  It's the season of giving, too, so I share ways to ensure the charities you support are doing the most with your donations. Local news includes the shop small downtown Davis event, holiday tree lighting and parade, a caroling event, and feedback requested on the Caltrans report on proposed widening of Interstate 80 through Davis.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Keep on Smiling.

November 11, 2023:  Many of us feel like we just don't have "enough time," so this week on The Smiles Show, I look at ways to reframe our relationship with time, so that we might be able to live in the moment just a little bit more!  This week's show also looks at some sobering pedestrian fatality statistics, and what might need to be done to reduce those numbers.  Local news includes a soup fundraiser, downtown Davis shop small promotion, Davis holiday parade and tree lighting, and some good news on pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure improvements in south Sacramento.  Join me for some Smiles!


November 4, 2023:  Do you love or hate your job?  Want to stay put, or find something new?  No matter how you feel, this week's edition of The Smiles Show has you covered during Career Development Month with resume tips and skills that will help you in any career!  Also, I look at National Novel Writing Month and share ways to spark your creative writing muse.  I also look at some ways to mitigate health impacts from diabetes. Local news includes a new bike pump track in Davis Community Park, a survey on the future of G St in downtown Davis, and Greener Davis resources for protecting our local environment.  Thanks for smiling with me!


October 28, 2023:  Whether you like it or not, the weather impacts you...and this week on The Smiles Show I look at the various weather phenomena that define Davis...from the hot summer days with the afternoon Delta breezes, to the long cold winter nights with the thick Tule fog. I also highlight ways you can track and best observe the various weather events.  If the weather talk takes the wind out of your sails, I also look at the benefits of roundabouts and how to properly use them, upcoming mental wellness classes in Yolo County, a freeway teach-in event, and a wonderful local resource that coordinates litter picks-ups right here in Davis!  As always, thanks for tuning in and smiling with me!

October 21, 2023:  On this week's edition of The Smiles Show I look at several new transportation bills signed in California and discuss whether they will have the desired effect on lowering vehicle speeds, especially on city streets, and protecting pedestrians when crossing a street. I also share another resource for helping individuals and families for dealing with bad news. Lots of local news is also highlighted on this week's show, too, including open space parks in Davis, shelter dog adoption events, kitten adoptions in Solano County, Halloween activities, groundbreaking for Natalie's Corner in Davis Central Park, and an upcoming forum on mobility on Interstate 80 in Davis.  Join me for a lot of information and Smiles!


October 14, 2023: This week on The Smiles Show I look at the myriad of ways that scammers try to get access to your personal and financial information, and more importantly, how YOU can prevent yourself from being a victim of identity theft. I also look at powerful and simple ways that each of us can empower ourselves and one another during times of bad news. Local news includes the opening of a new bike path connecting the Meadowview neighborhood in south Sacramento with the Sacramento River Bike Trail, an upcoming benefit for Friends of the Davis Public Library, and a mystery surrounding the Yolo Causeway construction project and the demotion of a Caltrans executive. Plus, I have a question regarding the status of a cat café in you have the answer? Tune in and smile with me!

October 7, 2023:  Eczema Awareness Month is just one of the many topics I cover on this week's edition of The Smiles Show, where I share my own personal journey and share many resources available from the National Eczema Association.  Itching for more?  October is also National Book Month, and I look at ways to incorporate more reading into your world, including visiting your local library, where you can even build your own cat castle if you visit the Davis branch!   Other local news includes fun Halloween activities in Davis later this month, how to protect yourself from being the victim of an assault, and an artist talk that looks at ways that arts can help with mental well-being projects and initiatives.  Thanks for tuning in!

September 30, 2023:  As we approach October, I look at several monthly commemorations on this week's edition of The Smiles Show, including Stomp Out Bullying Month and Walk To School Month.  Local news includes a city recreation program that is helping underserved community members with educational and sports opportunities, a free bike repair event at the Mary L Stephens Library in Davis, a walk for mental health, and a meeting on future G St possibilities in downtown Davis.  I also look at some transportation news, including the possibility of right turns on red being outlawed in San Francisco, road diets and older drivers, and the Week Without Driving Challenge? Can YOU go a week, or even a day, without driving?  I share ways it just might be possible.  Thanks for tuning in!


September 23, 2023:  It's the seventh anniversary of the public affairs edition of The Smiles Show, and that means it's time for the annual Welcome to Davis and Welcome to UC Davis edition of the program!  Whether you are a new first year or transfer student, or just want to learn more about this community where so many of us live and/or work, I hope you tune in to hear some of the ways that you can enjoy life here!  Thanks for tuning in and smiling with me.  All the best to the new students as they begin their journey at UC Davis and beyond!


September 16, 2023:  On this week's edition of The Smiles Show I look at some unfortunate news regarding trash and litter in Sacramento and what each of us can do, as well as our cities, to help combat this pervasive problem. I also look at the latest developments with the speed camera bill here in California and what our communities can do to help with the speeding epidemic.  Local news includes Davis Neighbors Night Out, The Dirt publication, and continued work on the Yolo Causeway.  In these ever-changing times, adaptability is key, and I share more ways to become more flexible.  Thanks for Smiling with me!


September 9, 2023:  This week on The Smiles Show I look at fun things to do when the Internet is down...or you just want (or need) a break from it. I also explore eight life lessons from my cat, Roger, as he celebrates his eight birthday! Water rights are highlighted in a legal case between local and corporate farmers in central California. Local news includes Davisphere and some of the potential benefits and challenges with a proposal for a new city in Solano County. As always, there is much to discuss and learn! Thanks for tuning in.


September 2, 2023:  Welcome to the first edition of The Smiles Show for September 2023!  Topics on this week's show include National Literacy Awareness Month, bad road design in San Francisco with tragic results, and marching to the beat of your own drummer and how it can be a good thing!  Lots of local news is also featured, including a project in Sacramento to diversify road use on Broadway in Oak Park, an Adulting 101 workshop for Yolo teens, Movies in Davis Central Park, Mace redesign project approved, and road construction everywhere!  So much to discuss, so little time...but please make time to tune in! 


August 19, 2023:  Here is just a snippet of what is covered on this week's edition of The Smiles Show:  American River Bike Patrol. blood donations, tree lights versus tree health, e-bikes and e-scooters back in Davis, updates to the MUTCD (listen to the show if you don't know what this is!), misguided public service announcement for car and pedestrian safety, inexpensive party ideas, and managing burnout. No burnout here, just Smiles!  Thanks for listening,


August 12, 2023:  Lots of local news on this week's edition of The Smiles Show including things that go boom in the night, cars that don't move on the freeway, lights up on the downtown Davis trees, and a new "compassion corner garden" dedicated to the late David Breaux.  Other topics include a protest over a bike path that only takes bicyclists halfway from Oakland to San Francisco, inexpensive and environmentally-preferable ways to keep your house cooler, ways to limit your social media and Internet time, and the importance of having a disaster plan.  Thanks for tuning in!


August 5, 2023:  On this first public affairs edition of The Smiles Show for August 2023, I delve into ways that we can build self-reliance as well as ways to reclaim the power that you might feel others have over you.  In addition, it's my birthday week, so I look at "birthday shoes" and share my experience with the barefoot lifestyle and how one can safely and enjoyably get started in living life sans shoes!  Local news includes a bat tour, road work everywhere, and a new downtown Davis program to help those in need in our community.  Thanks for smiling with me!


July 29, 2023: Water fountains! Shade for bus stops and playgrounds! These are things that are becoming increasingly important in a climate that continues to warm. This week on The Smiles Show I look at these topics and share data on the current situation and what can be done to continually improve it. Happiness is sometimes elusive, but with August being Happiness Happens Month, I share tips on what we can do to cultivate happiness, for ourselves and others. Local news includes a new mural display coming soon to the area underneath the WX (US 50) Freeway in Sacramento and what some activists did to draw attention to a bike lane in San Francisco that they feel is less than adequate. As always, there is lots to talk about and digest; thanks for joining me!

July 22, 2023:  The Smiles Show is back after a vacation hiatus!  This week's show looks at several transportation topics, including the diversity of programs being funded by California gas taxes, and the State of Minnesota transportation bill, and why it may be one of the best ones in the US.  Lots of local news is also featured this week, including a new bike pump track coming to Davis, highway rehabilitation work on Interstate 80, and new fitness equipment coming to a local park.  Finally, I provide a recap of my central California trip with my Dad, and highlight towns like California City, New Cuyama, and Bishop.  Thanks for tuning in!


July 8, 2023:  This week on The Smiles Show I look at self-awareness. including its benefits and how to cultivate it in today's often very distracting world.  In addition, mental flexibility can help one develop strength and resilience, and I share ways to bolster one's mental agility.  It may seem counterintuitive to some, but I look at how less parking can lead to more connected and environmentally-friendly communities, and I also look at how changes to Folsom Blvd in Sacramento have led to good results, for bicyclists, pedestrians, drivers, and the people living in the adjacent neighborhood.   As always, lots to take in and talk about this week; thanks for Smiling with me!


July 1, 2023:  It's the First of July, and it's the first public affairs edition of The Smiles Show to kick off the second half of 2023!  This week I share ways to combat crankiness and irritability (we aren't Smiles all the time!), and I also share ways to commemorate social wellness and anti-boredom month.  And, for those of you looking to take advantage of down time in the summer, I look at various continuing education options available to everyone.  Thanks for tuning in and smiling with me!


June 25, 2023:  It's the last edition of The Smiles Show...for the month of June 2023!  This week, I look at some very sobering statistics regarding pedestrian fatalities, as well as a new book that analyzes the challenges with our current car infrastructure, and I share ways that we can advocate for changes to better include and welcome all different types of mobility for individuals. I also share ways to stay safe in hot weather and a great day trip idea to San Francisco's Golden Gate Park.  Local news includes how to report illegal fireworks, a new biome facility opening in Davis, a county open planning commission position, and a tax reduction program for low income Davis residents.  Thanks for checking out the show!


June 17, 2023: Summer is just about here, even though it hasn't really felt like it yet...fortunately! This week on The Smiles Show I share a whole list of fun ways to celebrate the summer solstice and beyond. Father's Day is this weekend as well, and I share ways to celebrate dear old (or young) Dad! Juneteenth is commemorated on Monday, and I look at what this holiday celebrates and some songs to queue up for the special day. As always, local events and news are highlighted too, along with a cool online tool that allows pedestrians and bicyclists to share their experiences (good and bad) in a community. Thanks for listening!


June 10, 2023: It's Move Out season in Davis for many students, so I share ways to properly and safely dispose of unwanted items on this week's edition of The Smiles Show.  Many of the tips are helpful for any of us cleaning out our closets or reorganizing our garages!  I also share highlights of the latest City of Davis Water Quality Report (spoiler alert: it's safe to drink).  Tips on dealing with wildfire smoke are discussed, in light of what is happening on the East Coast of the US and what could happen here again in the future.  Last, I look at ways that cities and other jurisdictions can implement a successful Complete Streets program.  As always, there is something for everyone on The Smiles Show!


June 4, 2023:  On this first edition of June 2023, The Smiles Show takes a look at ways to take care of and strengthen our brain health during Brain Awareness Month, as well as ways to stay safe during National Safety Month.  Scammers are everywhere these days; I share ways to avoid them and protect your personal and financial information.  Lots of local events are highlighted, including pride and the Davis Music Fest coming up later this month.   Last, but not least, I share ways to see the world outside the windows of a car; walking has its benefits!  Thanks for tuning in.


May 21, 2023:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at Mental Health Awareness Month through the lens of self-talk, and how to address it when it's negative, as well as ways to manage the time in your life, and how to deal with feelings of "boredom" and why they can be a "good" thing.  In addition, I look at ways to save water and money with your landscaping, the upcoming KDVS Operation Restore Maximum Freedom concert in Winters, and a future project for the Highway 37 corridor connecting Vallejo and Sears Point in the San Francisco Bay Area. As always, there is something for everyone to Smile about!


May 14, 2023:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show celebrates all the "moms" out there with ways we can show her love, along with ways that cities can be better designed for moms.  I also look at the latest American Lung Association State of the Air report, highlighting what metropolitan areas are most impacted by the various types of air pollution, and what each of us can do to help.   Local news includes a walk to raise funds for suicide prevention and an upcoming concert hosted by KDVS.  Thanks for smiling along with me...happy Mother's Day!


May 6, 2023:  On The Smiles Show this week, I discuss how the community of Davis can heal and move forward after the recent tragic events.  I also look at local events, including the upcoming Davis Music Fest and the Whole Earth Festival.  It's ALS Awareness Month, and I share some facts about this serious health condition.  I also look at Creative Beginnings Month, and how each of us can incorporate more creativity into our lives every day! Thanks for smiling with me. 


April 29, 2023:  May is approaching, so this week's edition of The Smiles Show celebrates biking, better sleeping, and empowering older Americans, all in one convenient location!  In addition, I look at ways to counter aggressive driving, and I also share ways to spread compassion to others and be more compassionate with ourselves, in memory and honor of David Breaux, "The Compassion Guy," who was a victim of a homicide in Davis this past week.  Thank you for tuning in.


April 22, 2023:  Earth Day is here, and The Smiles Show shares 50 fun and creative and easy ways that you can help protect this fabulous planet of ours!  Also, on this week's show, I highlight an upcoming Arbor Day celebration and bike tour in Davis.  Lots going on as always, and I thank you for tuning in to The Smiles Show and learning more with me! 


April 16, 2023:  It's the KDVS Fundraiser special edition of The Smiles Show! This week I share why KDVS is so important in the radio landscape, what KDVS does for the community, both at UC Davis and for the larger community. I also highlight how the Smiles Show public affairs program got its start at KDVS, and what I've gained from being part of the KDVS family. Donations to KDVS can be made at I also share ways to maintain perspective in heavy news cycles, especially these days. Thanks for tuning in and smiling with me!


April 08, 2023:  It's April, and this week on The Smiles Show, I highlight just a few of the many wonderful things to do at UC Davis Picnic Day on Saturday April 15th! Other local news includes a Sacramento area transit survey, 211 community resources, and city funding and housing challenges in Davis. April commemorations include awareness and resources for Distracted Driving, Sexual Assault, and Stress, and I explore ways to learn more about each of these topics. This week's show is dedicated to the memory of the three UC Davis students who recently lost their lives in a highway crash in Stockton. As always, thank you for tuning in to The Smiles Show.


March 25, 2023:  Ways that everyone in a community can improve their public transit system, and how removing parking spaces can benefit those with mobility challenges (and everyone else, too) are just two of the topics on this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  I also look at fun ways to commemorate the Spring season, and share a few local news items, including how the Mace Blvd interchange redesign may not help alleviate traffic, as well as an upcoming California Duck Days event.  Come fly away with me this week on The Smiles Show!


March 17, 2023: This week's edition of The Smiles Show features lots of local news (Yolo County Library April events for Children, downtown Davis trees, an April event at UC Davis for small and diverse businesses,  local air quality program funding, and Turning Point and counterpoint activities). and a reading recommendation about a book that interweaves the past and present in a telling of the story of the California San Joaquin Valley.  This week I also share an article with 10 suggestions on how communities can increase their share of affordable housing, and why some communities are resistant to do so.  As always, thanks for tuning in and smiling with me! 


March 10, 2023:  Join me this week on The Smiles Show for a look at local resources that can help with emergencies, as well as two organizations that assist those in need, especially as rental evictions increase locally.  I also look at SUV headlight challenges, ways to make public transportation more seamless, and what a bike sharrow is, and why it isn't doing what its designer hoped.  Finally, I look at ways to feel more connected to one another and how to address feelings of loneliness.  Smile with me each week on The Smiles Show!


March 3, 2023:  Tips for eating healthier for this National Nutrition Month, ways to become more optimistic during National Optimism Month, and making cities more accessible for Women's History Month are just some of the many topics on this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  Local news includes a tree circus event, city commission opportunities, and tax assistance for lower-income families.  Lots on the docket this week, and I hope you can join me!


February 25, 2023: The Smiles Show is back in action with lots of local news including the prospects of a new library in south Davis, a new freeway connector in Woodland, fire department training, and a chance to share feedback on the local urban forestry canopy. This week, I also look at some of the warning signs of eating disorders, and resources for help. Finally, I share ways to better incorporate and manager stress in your life. This week's program is dedicated to the memory of my Aunt Marlene.

February 11. 2023: There is always so much to discuss on The Smiles Show, and this week is no exception!  Random acts of kindness, Biodiversity Museum Day at UC Davis, teen dating violence awareness, Super Bowl cleanup, and US cities with the highest and lowest traffic fatality rates are featured.  As a follow up to last week's program,  I also highlight programs helping San Joaquin Valley residents with improved access to jobs, education, and improved infrastructure, as well as programs reducing violent crime.  Thanks for tuning in and smiling with me!


February 4, 2023:  It's the COVID edition of The Smiles Show...well, technically not, since COVID is the not the topic of the day, but I share my experience with contracting the virus this week.  In other news, I look at historic funding for active transportation for the Sacramento region and where that funding is going, I share how to make more time for reading, including a couple of book suggestions for Black History Month, I look at BART funding woes and what that might mean for the organization long-term, and I also look at Goshen, in the San Joaquin Valley, where a multiple murder recently occurred, and why the community remains in danger.  Thanks for tuning in to The Smiles Show. 


January 28, 2023:  There is a lot of heavy news out there right now; I share how I'm attempting to manage it, while also looking at the importance of self-care, and how this can help us help our larger community.  Reading is a great form of self-care, and I look at just a few of the benefits of reading every day.  Groundhog Day is on February 2nd; I look at the "scientific context" of the holiday, and also use this opportunity to look at the importance of "embracing our shadows" and how this work can help us better thrive in today's world.  Lots of local news rounds out this week's edition of The Smiles Show.  Stay safe out there.


January 20, 2023:  Some good news on this week's edition of The Smiles Show includes inroads (pun intended!) into more funding and attention for active transportation modes of walking and biking in the United States and how this can make communities more walkable and bike-friendly.   Also, signs and street markings should make streets safer, but they often do not, and I look at the reasons why.  This week's show also looks at indoor hobbies and creative pursuits to take up during the cold winter months, and I also explore the pros and cons of adopting a pet, and ways to ensure responsible pet ownership.  This week's show is for the dogs...and cats, too!  Thanks for listening.


January 13, 2023:  On this week's edition of The Smiles Show, I share ways that each of us can keep the spirit of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr alive as we commemorate his birthday on Monday, January 16th.  I also look at eight ways that community and city members can play a more active role in advocating for sustainable transportation.  Local news includes the ongoing impacts from the recent storms, and I share a resource for helping our stressed trees.  Thanks for listening; stay safe! 


January 7, 2023:  It's the first edition of The Smiles Show recorded in 2023, so I'm kicking it off with a look back at the Top 10 Local News Stories of 2022, the changing of the guard at the Davis City Council, and an upcoming special Davis election in May. The rains keep coming, so I also share ways to prepare for a flood. Money management is high on the list of new year's resolutions, so I share tips on creating a better relationship with money. Last, but not least, I look at the benefits of patience as part of my Smiles Patience Challenge of 2023! Thanks for listening.


December 31, 2022:  It's the very last day of 2022, and it's the very last episode of the year of The Smiles Show! Looks like the rain will be around here for awhile; I look at ways to embrace the rainy weather and actually enjoy the days that some consider the "bad weather" ones. I also look at a recent success story for bus riders in Emeryville. As it is the end of the year, I also share the top news stories of 2022 according to The 2023 World Almanac, and I explore fun new year's goals that can actually make your life easier and more enjoyable! A safe and happy new year to you all...keep on smiling! :)


December 17, 2022:  As we approach the end of 2022, this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at some of the studies in the past year that show the power of awe, kindness, and gratitude.  Also, I issue a challenge to listeners with the "Patience Challenge," and I look at ways we can cultivate more patience in our lives. Winter will soon be here...why not decorate an outdoor tree for the local wildlife, make a winter lantern, read a winter book, or make wassail? And, last but not least, local news includes changes to the Davis City Council and approved upzoning on G St, and possible impacts to the local neighborhood.  Enjoy this week's program, and happy holidays to you all!


December 10, 2022:  The Smiles Show is back with creative ways to save time, ways to grow and learn and lean into discomfort, and how to protect yourself and others from respiratory virus illnesses. Transportation topics this week include guerilla crosswalks and how our built environment influences our vehicle choices...for better and worse. I also share positive news on a new bookmobile coming to the Yolo County Library and how everyone and anyone can participate in the Free Little Library program. Thanks for listening and smiling with me!


December 2, 2022:  It's the beginning of December, and there is lots to talk about on this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  December is Spiritual Literacy Awareness Month, Human Rights Awareness Month, and National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Month.  I look at ways each of us can honor these commemorations.  Local news this week includes signing up for "don't light tonight" advisories and why they are important to heed, future UC Davis commencements tentatively moving to Sacramento.  and several recent traffic fatalities in the Sacramento region, and what we can do to help turn the tide on the increasing rate of deaths on our roadways.  Stay informed and empowered each week on The Smiles Show.


November 18, 2022: Gratitude is in the air and on the air on this week's edition of The Smiles Show! How to express gratitude, the benefits of gratitude, what Americans are grateful for, and how to find gratitude if you feel like you have nothing are just a few of the topics explored this week. Wishing you and yours a wonderful Thanksgiving! I'll be back with another show in two weeks; thanks for listening!


November 11, 2022:  This week on The Smiles Show I look at two local programs that have successfully helped many in our community, the Addiction Intervention Court that helps people who are in the criminal justice system due to substance abuse overcome their addictions, and  Couleurs Vive, a non-profit organization that provides people with special needs resources and a space to create art.  I also share ways to take care of yourself if you suffer from depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) this time of the year.  In addition, I look at reasons why drive-throughs are not good for a community, and ways to ensure the organizations you give to during the holidays will use your donations wisely.   Lots to talk about, as always, with Smiles!


November 4, 2022:  It's Novemburrr!  This week on The Smiles Show, I share ways to embrace the cold weather.  I also look at an app that encourages people to walk more, ways to make Halloween safer for pedestrians, how libraries are embracing babies and their caregivers, and some unfortunate statistics regarding drinking water for nearly 1 million people in the San Joaquin Valley. As always, there is lots to talk about and I appreciate you taking the time to tune in!


October 28, 2022:  This week on The Smiles Show, I discuss several upcoming month-long observances in November, including Diabetes Awareness Month, Home and Hospice Care Workers Month, and Men's Health Care Awareness Month.   Santa Barbara is going to continue its "closed streets" program through at least 2024, and I look at what lessons other communities might learn from their program. Local news, ways to protect yourself and others in a protest, and an update on the "Back to The Future" project I participated in are also featured. Thanks for tuning in!


October 22, 2022:  The Smiles Show is back for another adventure with something for everyone. Halloween fun in Davis, a local Music Census, and changes to the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan highlight local news.  An upcoming change to the California jaywalking law and a recent car crash in the Arden-Arcade area of Sacramento County are featured in transportation news.   And, how can each of us stop the rhetoric of hate in our communities?  I share 10 ways to begin the conversation and take action.  Thanks for listening!


October 14, 2022:  As the month of October continues, this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at two more monthly commemorations; Cybersecurity Awareness Month and Emotional Intelligence Awareness Month...stay safe texting while also managing your emotional well-being!  In addition,  I share safety tips from the UC Davis Police in response to an uptick in campus burglaries. Wrong way drivers continue to be a challenge on local roadways, and I look at ways to protect yourself and others.   Thanks for joining me for this week's empowering edition of The Smiles Show!


October 9, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show is dedicated to the memory of KGO NewsTalk AM 810 in the San Francisco Bay Area; I reflect on what made KGO such an important and powerful radio station in the community for decades.  This week I also look at several transportation news items, a fun "Discover Davis" event on Friday, October 14th, and whether the crime rate is going up or down...or both.  October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, Organize Your Medical Information Month, and Squirrel Awareness Month...I share ways to celebrate the true variety of these commemorations! 


September 30, 2022:  As October gets underway, the itch is real!  Celebrate Eczema Awareness Month with me; I look at what the condition is, some possible triggers, how to manage it, and also facts and figures on who is most impacted in the community.  I also share my own personal journey when my eczema was at its worst, and some of the valuable lessons it has taught me.  In addition, this week's show includes local updates to keep you in the know.  Thanks for tuning in and Smiling with me! :)


September 23, 2022:  Come celebrate the beginning of autumn with me on this week's edition of The Smiles Show! I share fun and festive ways to welcome the new season. In addition, I also look at how to ensure you are getting news from reputable sources, and how to balance your news intake so that it doesn't overwhelm you. Local news includes record rainfall, parks grants, gun locks, and updates on the city initiative to phase out gas-powered appliances. As always, there is lots to digest...thanks for dining with me! :)


September 16, 2022:  It's the 6 year anniversary of the public affairs edition of The Smiles Show on 90.3FM KDVS in Davis; the show has been airing since September 2016!  And, it's also the annual "Welcome to Davis" edition; this week's show highlights the many cool things to do and explore at UC Davis and in the City of Davis.  Whether you are a new student, visitor, or long-term resident, you will find or learn something new about the community many of us call home. I also reminisce about the Davis of yesteryear, what the UC Davis campus was like way back in 1990!  Thanks for listening...and smiling with me! 


September 10, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show takes a look at splooting squirrels, record all-time high temperatures, how to prepare for the upcoming election in November, Coastal Cleanup Day, and how Japan has turned the tide on road fatalities with infrastructure and policy choices.  This week's show is also going in circles, describing how to safely traverse a traffic circle, as well as what to do when the power is out at a signalized intersection, how to safely navigate traffic meters. and the newly-installed speed humps in Davis, too!  Buckle up, and keep on smiling!


September 1 2022:  Welcome to September on The Smiles Show!  This week's show includes a look at multiple September commemorations, including Improve Your Resume Month, National Library Card Sign-Up Month, and National Courtesy Month.  Also, local news includes an update on playground equipment causing a "stir" at one local park, and a rock-solid activity at a local science museum!  As always, there is lots to discuss and explore on The Smiles Show; thanks for listening!


August 27, 2022:  Lots on The Smiles Show docket this week, including ways communities can improve access to and encourage biking, an update on the gratitude challenge issued earlier this year on The Smiles Show, a recap of a recent desert trip I experienced with my Dad and recommended places to check out (with or without ghosts!), and volunteer opportunities in Davis and a way to support our urban canopy.  I also share a story regarding a library in the Central Valley city of McFarland that was facing a decision that may have resulted in no city library services.  Update: The library will remain where it is, and the police department will find another location to move.  Thanks for tuning in!


August 20, 2022:  Lots going on this week, and The Smiles Show has you covered!  West Sacramento has some good projects in the works to promote multiple transportation modes, and I look at several of them.  Maybe your transportation mode is the car: I share ways you can protect your car and your catalytic converter from thieves.  This week, I also share some sobering facts from the air pollution created from the California wildfires in 2020, and how you can protect yourself and others from wildfire smoke.  Sustainable moving tips and a warning to update your Apple devices are also on tap. Thanks for smiling with me!


August 12, 2022:  The Smiles Show is back with its first show of August 2022!  This week's show includes local news on Davis businesses. a local climate action plan, how to prevent West Nile Virus and Monkeypox, upcoming training with Suicide Prevention of Yolo County, and a managed lanes project happening on Interstate 80 in Fairfield and Vacaville.  I also look at a pilot program that will install cameras on bike lines in New York City, and I look at what a bike sharrow is, and why many don't like them.  Thanks for tuning in!


July 30, 2022:  It's the last weekend of July so it's time to look ahead to August; MedicAlert and Immunization are two of the things commemorated in the 8th month of the year, so I look at how you might do so!  I provide an update on La Nina and what it might mean for our upcoming winter.  Thinking about volunteering for a suicide hotline?  I look at things to consider and alternatives that might also help those in need.  Also, I share local news stories on rising COVID rates, a proposed Yolo County ordinance that would mirror the proposed Davis ordinance on safe firearms storage, a groundbreaking on a new senior living development in Davis, and Shakespeare in Winters.  Lots to cover...thanks for joining me!


July 23, 2022:  Last week on The Smiles Show I shared the unfortunate news about Bakersfield, Fresno, and Stockton appearing on the list of most dangerous cities for pedestrians; this week I highlight some of the positive things happening in each of these communities to help improve safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, and all community members. In addition, I also share a new suicide hotline number (988) for the United States, and ways that we can work to feel better about ourselves, even when that might not feel possible.  As always, there is lots to share and digest; thanks for joining me!


July 16, 2022:  It's good to be back after a two-week hiatus!  This week's edition of The Smiles Show features a lot of local news, including the Reimagine Russell project, future plans for the Richards Blvd and Interstate 80 interchange, Downtown Davis general plan seeking feedback, local water quality report, COVID test kit availability, and more food options coming soon to Davis.  In addition to Davis news, I look at the benefits of dancing and the latest report on the most dangerous cities for pedestrians, which will be discussed more in the coming weeks.  As always, thanks for listening!


July 2, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show recaps the success of the Healthy Davis Together program, and what COVID19 resources continue to be available, even as the program has wrapped up.  Do you want a new tree?  Tree Davis has a program that can help put a new tree in your front yard!  How can we make our cities more open to options other than driving?  I share some possible answers. Internet Explorer has finally been "retired:" learn more about this browser that has been around for 27 years now!  Other news includes a new mayor and vice-mayor for Davis, a new greenhouse gas reduction pilot program with the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), pay disparities between CA state scientists and engineers, and how to learn what beaches in California have the safest water quality.  Surf's up on The Smiles Show!


June 24, 2022:  This week on The Smiles Show I look at the recent overturn of the Roe vs Wade decision by the US Supreme Court, and what you can do if you are feeling powerless, scared, or angry. I suggest multiple ways to contribute to positive change and education, while taking care of yourself, too. This week's show also talks about lightning and hot weather safety, public pianos in Davis, noisy sky gliders, upcoming 4th of July holiday fun in Davis, and a cool program celebrating Davis trees! Thanks for listening to The Smiles Show.


June 18, 2022:  It's summertime...well, it WILL be as of 2:13AM PT on Tuesday, June 21st, so this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at a list of fun, creative, and thoughtful ways to celebrate the new season!  I also share tips from the City of Davis on what to do with unwanted items if you are moving out this summer.  Speaking of summer, this is a great time to build your very own weather station.  I share suggestions on what to look for...and to avoid...when purchasing equipment.  And, last but not least, I look at some ways to save money during these challenging times.  Thanks for listening!


June 10, 2022:  Are we having "fun" yet? This week's edition of The Smiles Show discusses why you might want to make more time for fun, and how to easily incorporate more fun into your daily life!  It's National Great Outdoors Month, and National Rivers Month, and I share ways to commemorate both of these occasions.   Lots of local news is included on this week's show, and I also share a review of a book that should be required reading for nearly everyone.  Thanks for listening!


June 3, 2022:  In this week's 59 minutes and 57 seconds of The Smiles Show, I look at the escalating rate of pedestrian deaths and four contributing factors. June is Brain Health Awareness Month, and I share five tips for a happy and healthy brain! Do you care too much about what others think? Never fear...I look at ways to build your own self-awareness and confidence. I also share a website that can help you and your kids talk about the recent outbreak of mass shootings. Local news includes the weeds that have become the recent darlings of social media, and what the City of Davis is doing to mitigate them safely. Whether you prefer the dandelion or crabgrass, thanks for tuning in to The Smiles Show!


May 27, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at a list of things each of us can do to contribute to positive change in light of the recent mass shootings. whether you have kids or not.  I also discuss ways to commemorate Memorial Day, how we can best help our trees during the increasing drought conditions, and utilizing local resources for the increasing COVID case rate.  I also share three book reviews, several local good news stories, and how to celebrate National Go Barefoot Day on June 1st! There are some tough topics on this week's show, but I hope the referenced information helps provide some ways to best address these topics and move forward.


May 19, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show is available a day earlier than usual!  Global Accessibility Awareness Day and ways to make our physical and virtual worlds more accessible are highlighted.  There have been multiple news events recently that may be especially hard for kids to process; I share an article with ways to help your kids work through their emotions and manage feelings.  I also look at sobering data on car crash fatalities in 2021, and look at what might be needed to stem the unfortunate trend.  Other topics include blood donations, job recovery in the Sacramento area, and resources if you are feeling overwhelmed.  Thanks as always for tuning in to The Smiles Show.


May 13, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show takes you on a journey that involves supporting mental well-being, expressing gratitude, advocating for yourself, preparing for the California primary election on June 7th, preventing mailbox theft, and staying safe when walking at dawn or dusk.  In addition, local news and random sound effects round out the show...thanks for listening, and smiling along with me each week!


May 6, 2022:  The Smiles Show is back for this first week of May!  May is High Blood Pressure Awareness Month, Wildfire Prevention Month, Older Americans Month, and National Get Caught Reading Month...I share cool ways to celebrate each of these commemorations.  Plus, I look at 4 Keys to Well-Being and why Purpose may be the most important one of all.  Local news includes California population growth and decline, and celebrating 40 years of Village Homes here in Davis.  Last but not least, I look at civic engagement and why it's so critical these days.  Thanks for Smiling with me!


April 29, 2022:  On this final show of April 2022, The Smiles Show has lots on tap!  I share articles on how to make our cities more amenable to walking, biking, and public transportation, and why the "walkability scores" that are published by many realtors may not tell the "complete story."  The American Lung Association State of the Air 2022 report is explored, with a lot of the most-polluted cities located in California; I look at why this is, the health effects, and what can be done to help reduce air pollution.  Lots of local news. updates on Healthy Davis Together, and shout outs to high school robotics teams are also included.  Thanks for listening!


April 22, 2022:  It's the 90.3FM KDVS 2022 Fundraiser special edition of The Smiles Show!  I share 8 reasons why KDVS is so important to me and to the community, and how The Smiles Show first got its start on KDVS in 2016!  But, this week's show also includes news on several upcoming events, including Operation Restore Maximum Freedom and the Whole Earth Festival, as well as news on several new dining options planned for Davis and a new cherry blossom tree park planned for Sacramento! Thanks for listening! :)


April 14, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show continues its commemoration of Earth Awareness Month with a look at wetlands: what they are. the many benefits they offer to plants, animals, birds, and humans, and what we can do to protect them.   I highlight and discuss new watering restrictions in place in Davis due to the ongoing drought.  I also look at some sobering statistics regarding increased pedestrian fatalities in the US in 2021, and some possible solutions to this ongoing challenge.  As always, local news and events are highlighted, including an upcoming KDVS music festival! Thanks for tuning in. 


April 8, 2022:  A lot is going on these days, and The Smiles Show has you covered!   Celebrate National Library Week by exploring the many resources of your local branch, learn about local resources from WEAVE for Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and for Earth Awareness Month, learn what a Superfund site is, where they are located, and how to reduce the need for such sites in the future.  Local updates include the upcoming KDVS fundraiser, the status of Measure H, the latest on the bicycle connector between Olive Dr. and Pole Line Rd. Picnic Day, an Earth Day event in Sacramento, and the Whole Earth Festival!  There's a lot to cover, and it will take you less than an hour to hear it all!


April 1, 2022:  It's the April 1st edition of The Smiles fooling!  But perhaps some "foolishness" can be good for you, as discussed on this week's show! You won't be a "fool" with your tax filing, though, when I share suggestions from AARP.  There has been a lot of anger out there these can we listen to and learn from our anger and channel it in a healthy way? Also, with April often commemorated as Earth Awareness Month, I look at ways that we can help support the bee population and how minimalism can reduce our overall environmental impact. Lots on this week's plate as always...thanks for listening!


March 25, 2022:  The Smiles Show is BACK after a two-week hiatus!  This week's show looks at ways to help students and children handle bad news, how to break out of a rut, and a couple of creative ways to celebrate the upcoming Earth Day.  Local news includes Davis' distinction of having the most Gen Z renters, new affordable housing coming to Placerville, Cache Creek closed to motorists, recent crimes at UC Davis and how to protect yourself and your valuables, and an upcoming music performance with the Davis Live Music Collective!  It's good to be back and smiling with you all!


March 12, 2022: It's time for some Smiles!  On this week's show, I highlight lots of local news, including an update on the Mace/Cowell interchange, a business and research park development proposal on the June ballot, the removal and move of a popular park attraction, and upcoming spring events. Saving money is on the minds of many, and I share ways to start saving more now.  And, with spring on the horizon, I share an article on spring cleaning with overlooked items and ways to get them looking their best!  Happy (almost) Spring!


March 5, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show covers a lot of topics including ethical living awareness, things to consider giving up for Lent (or anytime!). how to get out and explore the world again safely, suicide awareness and prevention, supporting Ukraine, important women in California freeway history, and much more!  Thanks for supporting and listening to Smiles!


February 26, 2022:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at organizations helping Ukraine, and how you can help during this time of need.  March is Kidney Awareness Month....I highlight ways to take good care of your kidney health.  March is also Women's History Month, and I highlight 10 female urban planners.  Last, but not least, local news stories are featured, including a  gravel mining lawsuit, an update on the Pole Line/Olive Drive overcrossing,  and an upcoming Unitrans bus celebration!


February 19, 2022:  It's that time of year where students at UC Davis shop around for the best housing situation for the upcoming academic year.  This week's edition of The Smiles Show shares tips and best practices on how to find your best "home sweet home!"  Also, I review a book on Isla Vista, and how this book will likely resonate with many.  Times are still challenging for many, and I also highlight ways to manage anxiety with suggestions you can try today!  Thanks for joining me for another helping of Smiles!


February 12, 2022:  Love is in the air this week on this 100th podcast edition of The Smiles Show! Ways to show you love your partner, free things in life that are "lovable," and ways to show more self-love are all highlighted and discussed this week. Also, updates on Russell Blvd in Davis, a new transit hub coming soon to Rancho Cordova, and a Caltrans overpass project in Vallejo are discussed. And, finally, if you love freeways (or love to hate them!), you'll enjoy this week's book recommendation about the history and development of the Los Angeles freeway system. Keep the love alive...and keep on smiling!


February 4. 2022:  As always, there is lots to share and discuss on this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  February is Heart Awareness Month, Library Lovers Month, and Creative Romance Month. I'll share ways to take care of your heart, both physically and romantically!  February is also Black History Month, and I share an article that highlights 11 black urbanists and their contributions to American urban studies.  Local news is also highlighted, including an upcoming development proposal that will be on the June ballot in Davis.  And, I also share some ways to manage the current "weather situation" in California.  Come learn with me! Thanks for listening.


January 29, 2022:  Groundhog Day is on the horizon, so I celebrate with a discussion on "shadow work" on this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  I also review two books this week; one on the joys and benefits of walking and one on the tenuous relationships that often occur between universities and cities.  Local news highlights include a bike and walk to school program for elementary school students in Davis that benefits polar bears, the latest on the "Mace Mess," a new infill project, and the Olive Drive/Pole Line Road interchange nearing completion.  And, last but certainly not least, I highlight a new book that discusses how cities can help improve the mental health of their residents.  Thanks for listening!


January 19, 2022:  Are you feeling disconnected from your community or your government? This week's edition of The Smiles Show will share a  LOT of wonderful suggestions for becoming civically-engaged, whether you have 2 minutes or 2 hours (or more!) to spare!  Also, this week's show will provide ways to get more organized, especially important in these challenging times in an ever-changing world. Come learn and become empowered with me...on The Smiles Show!


January 15, 2022: This week on The Smiles Show, I look at hostile architecture, what it is, examples, and other approaches that might be more inclusive and welcoming, while deterring undesired behavior.  January is National Mentoring Month, and I look at ways we can each be a mentor.  I also share my gratitude for the technology in our lives, and the IT professionals that make it all possible.  Does high cholesterol have you feeling low? I share some ideas from the Mayo Clinic that might help.  Finally, I look at tactical urbanism taking place in Vallejo, California, as well as a past activity that resulted in long-term improvement for pedestrian safety. As always, lots of info is crammed in an hour...thanks for listening!


January 8, 2022:  Feeling down, frustrated, or stressed about all this ongoing omicron stuff?  This week on The Smiles Show, I talk about how I'm dealing with each of those feelings and more, with the hopes that it can help you, too.  I also look at multiple January commemorations, including National Blood Donor Month, International Creativity Month, National Reach Your Potential Month, and National Bath Safety Month (so important for older members of our community and others as well!).  Thanks for listening and smiling!


January 2, 2022:  It's the very first edition of The Smiles Show of 2022!  Listen to the show to learn about a "gratitude challenge" for the year ahead, what the First Year Aggie Connections are all about, the top "good" and "bad" transportation news stories in the past year, a cool cat cafe in Los Angeles, the 2021 Smiles Song Countdown, why we are still in a drought, a Yolo County mining controversy, and a doctor's prescription for happiness!  A little bit of everything is present to help you kick off the year on the right foot!  Thanks for listening, and happy New Year!


December 21, 2021:  2022 is just around the corner.  Make sure you are ready for the adventure by tuning in to this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  Top New Year's resolutions are discussed, and more importantly, how to keep them!  Also,  fun and offbeat holidays are highlighted for the year ahead...get the new year started on the right foot with a healthy dose of Smiles!  Thanks for listening.


December 16, 2021:  As we get deep into the month of December, it's time to celebrate the Winter Solstice!  This week's edition of The Smiles Show shares lots of "cool" ways to celebrate the "cold" season! Looking for alternative ways to celebrate Christmas or the end of the year?  I share suggestions that can make your end of the year celebrating fun, different, and educational, too.  Local news includes a significant increase in "tagging" and issuance of a new grant that will provide future bike/pedestrian pathways between Davis, Winters, and Woodland.  Join me for the Winter Solstice, and each week on The Smiles Show!


December 9, 2021: Some good news to share this week on The Smiles Show, including awarded funding to renovate Davis Central Park, creating a new Food Hub in Esparto, and a Davis native winning the California International Marathon!  Also, this is the time of year where many turn inward to reflect on their inner self, so I share tips on how to be less hard on yourself and leading a more purposeful life.  Saving the environment while celebrating the holidays is possible, with tips provided by the City of Davis.  Thanks for tuning in and smiling with me each week!


December 2, 2021:  This week on The Smiles Show: Thoughts on lessons learned during the first quarter at UC Davis from first-year and transfer students, protecting yourself and others from crime, staying safe in the fog while driving, enjoying an immersive sound experience on the UC Davis campus, and keeping our air clean on "don't light tonight" nights!   As always, there really is something for everyone!  Thanks for listening.


November 24, 2021: On this week's edition of The Smiles Show, I look back at the pepper spray event at UC Davis from 10 years ago; lessons that have been learned. work that has been done, and work that is still ongoing.  Also, are electric cars really the "cure" for all that ails us in the transportation sector? Should we be focusing more on active and public transportation options in lieu of replacing one problem with another? Also, on this week's show: How to slow down. how to talk with others who may not agree with you politically, and how to share your anti-litter efforts with The Smiles Show!  As always, a full serving of content is available, with the option to come back for "leftovers!" 


November 17, 2021: There is much to be thankful for as we approach this season of Thanksgiving.  This week's 88th podcast edition of The Smiles Show looks at those things for which Americans are most grateful, the benefits of expressing gratitude, the challenges that may arise when expecting gratitude, and ways to express more gratitude in your life, In addition, this week's show also looks at the local results of the 2020 Census, including what areas of the Sacramento region are growing most quickly, and what these numbers might indicate.  This week's program is dedicated to the memory of Michael Hayes, Sr. who I had the privilege of knowing for many years, going back to my days of elementary school, where he was the inspiring and engaging school librarian.  Thanks for listening!


November 9, 2021: Hello Darkness, my old friend! This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at ways we can stay safe in the dark, whether we are in a vehicle, bicycle, or on foot. Also, it won't be long until the calendar turns over to 2022; I look at things you can do now to prepare for a successful, happy, and productive year ahead. Do you hate the cold weather? I share some benefits of embracing the cold, even if you don't want to be as hardcore as I am! And, last, but not least, I share some creative and fun holiday gift ideas that are not dependent on supply chain logistics...and can be easier on your wallet, too! Thanks for joining me.


November 5, 2021:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at many local issues, including the current fate of the G Street closure downtown, the 100th anniversary of a local bridge, a fire at the vacant Bistro 33 location, and the continuing saga of the "Mace Mess" in south Davis.  In addition, I look at how we can commemorate Veterans Day, find meaning in life, and become less stressed, especially as the holidays approach.  This week's show is dedicated to the memory of David Kim, "DK," a long-time KDVS sports announcer, Woodstock's employee, and all-around personable guy! Thanks for listening.


October 29, 2021: Lots going on this week on The Smiles Show public affairs edition! Davis is often recognized as a "bicycle capital" in the United States. This week I highlight local resident, Maria Contreras Tebbutt, who is working hard to ensure this is the case through bicycle education, awareness, and advocacy with a program called The Bike Campaign.   Also, as we approach November, it's time to commemorate National Diabetes Awareness Month as well as National Sleep Comfort Month.  Learn ways to take good care of your health, and live your best life!  Also, updates on the spectacular Sunday storm, induced travel demand, and trash talk round out this week's show.  As always, thanks for listening...and smiling with me!


October 22, 2o21: Speed lumps!  National Mole Day!  Dust storms!  Open space and roadway surveys!  Healthy Davis Together!  Toxic algae blooms!  Where else can you hear about all these subjects, and so much more. but on The Smiles Show?  Come learn...and smile...with me each week!  And, thanks for listening.


October 15, 2021: With all that is going on these days, it might feel like patience is truly a lost virtue...but that's just not true! Learn ways to increase patience in your life on this week's edition of The Smiles Show. And, keeping with that "theme," of patience, the results of a slow and active streets pilot study in Sacramento are highlighted. Can slower vehicles, along with pedestrians and bicyclists peacefully coexist on a roadway? And, if that's not enough, wind safety, bullying prevention, local traffic on Road 102, oiled wildlife care at UC Davis, and how your American Rescue Plan funds can be spent are also discussed. Thanks for listening!


October 8, 2021: Another week!  That means it's time for another edition of The Smiles Show!  This week's show includes a discussion on burnout and how to address it, World Homeless Day and local resources, how to help efforts to clean up the oil spill and its impacts in southern California, meeting your neighbors at Davis Neighbors Night Out, and a story on a water-deprived community in northern California that is relying on trucks bringing in water from another city.  As always, there is always lots going on, and many ways to become empowered and contribute.  Thanks for listening!


October 2, 2021: As always, there is never a dearth of topics on The Smiles Show!  This week's show includes a discussion on Eczema Awareness Month, and resources that can help with this condition.  Local news includes one restaurant closure, as well as a new one possibly opening early in 2022, and how the G Street closure in downtown Davis to cars impacts restaurants and retailers in different ways.  A book review from a traffic engineer is also highlighted, and I share why it should be required reading for everyone.  Last, but not least, I give some well-deserved shoutouts to local anti-litter warriors!  Thanks for listening. 


September 26, 2021: October is on the horizon, so I explore some of the commemorations for the month, including National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, World Blindness Awareness Month, and Fire Prevention Month.  Local resources and support are provided.  In addition, I missed National Roundabout Week last week!  I look at how and why roundabouts are better than "traditional" intersections.  Local news is also highlighted, as well as the book, "Feminist City."  Be empowered, and learn with me on this 80th podcast edition of The Smiles Show!


September 19, 2021:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show is all about UC Davis and the City of Davis, and is dedicated to all our new first-year and transfer students who will be calling our community home for the first time! Whether it's the Farmer's Market, UC Davis Coffee House, the Arboretum, or something else totally, find something that resonates with you.  Even if you are not new to our community, I bet you will learn something new!  


September 11, 2021: It's sometimes hard not to be cynical these days, but that cynicism hurts you and those around you.  On The Smiles Show this week, I look at ways to beat that cynicism, and feel better about yourself and your world.  I also share thoughts on 9/11/01 twenty years later, and what we can learn from that tragic day.  Also, Vison Zero and Coastal Cleanup Day are discussed.  Pick up a piece of litter, and join me on this week's adventure!


September 5, 2021:  Welcome to September!  September is recognized as National Suicide Awareness Month. Self-Care Awareness Month, and National Courtesy Month; this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at ways we can take good care of well as our larger community.  Labor Day is on Monday the 6th here in the U.S.; I take a look at some of the top trends in the labor market in 2021.  And, with time to spare today, I also provide some suggestions for anyone wanting to build their own weather station!  Updates on the COVID pandemic and the California wildfires are also provided.  Thanks for listening.


August 27, 2021: There's always so much to discuss, and this week's edition of The Smiles Show is no exception! Are you feeling frustrated on Facebook, teed off on Twitter, or irritated on Instagram?  Maybe a social media "detox" can help?  This week's show also discusses the many benefits of walkable communities, where Davis water "comes from," updates on the gubernatorial recall, how to talk (and not talk)with others about vaccinations, and how you can show love for the Davis Farmers Market!


August 21, 2021: With all that is going on these days, you may be feeling overwhelmed.  The week's 75th edition of Podcast Smiles will share suggestions on managing those feelings and turning them into a more positive direction.  Also, this week's show looks at suggestions for a successful school year ahead, organizing an evacuation kit and what it should contain, And, last but not least, I discuss the Welcome to Davis edition of The Smiles Show coming up in September and I welcome your suggestions now on things I can share on that show that students and visitors to Davis and UC Davis shouldn't miss when visiting our area!


August 14, 2021: This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at my thoughts at 50 (not the show, but me!): how becoming more gentler and approaching life more as a "student", while turning your passions into advocacy, might be a fabulous way to empower and connect with others in the community.  More trash talk this week is featured, too...I highlight some of the fantastic Davis residents picking up litter, and what interesting (or gross) things they are finding. This week's program also includes a discussion on itinerant poets; what and who they are; I also share a poem about sea lions from a poet named Erika!  It's good to be back after a two-week hiatus.  Thanks for listening!


August 1, 2021:  Welcome to August! It's National Black Business Month and Civility Month; this week's edition of The Smiles Show explores fantastic ways to celebrate!  Sacramento Regional Transit recently received a prestigious award; I look at ways that SacRT has significantly improved public transportation in the local area.  Are solar panels or trees more important?  A local controversy is brewing on this question.  Ways to talk openly with friends and family about the COVID vaccine, what's up with the weather, and celebrating National Clown Week are also on the docket!  I'm not clowning around when I say "thanks for listening!"


July 23, 2021: There are lots of topics to whet your appetite on this week's edition of The Smiles Show! Appetizers include a book review about the history of policing and maintaining order and $20K trash cans in San Francisco, main courses include the upcoming gubernatorial election in California, the population shift in California, and whether or not crime is going up or down...or both! Dessert includes a brief discussion of the different types of humor...and why mine isn't "all bad!" Thanks for listening!

July 16, 2021: This week on The Smiles Show...the top priorities for the Davis City Council, and what makes the "Mace Mess" so aptly-named, also, what to do if you hate your job or don't make as much money that you'd like, why computer cookies aren't as "tasty" as chocolate chip ones, and when you should accept or deny them, and a creative way to get past the "could haves" and "should haves!" Smiles for Miles...and for you each week.  Thanks for listening!


July 9, 2021: Beat the heat this week on the 70th edition of Podcast Smiles with a wealth of topics, including what sudden limb drop is and what do about it, 2 book reviews, healthy indoor air quality considerations, the results of an experiment where San Francisco removed over a thousand trash cans, and "get out of your rut" tips to commemorate Anti-Boredom Month!  There is no boredom on this week's edition of The Smiles Show, that's for sure!  Thanks for listening!


July2, 2021:  As we commemorate the 245th anniversary of July 4, 1776, I share some thoughts on ways that each of us can continue to actively and positively move our country forward.  This week's Smiles Show also looks at ways parents can reduce their children's screen time. more ways to save water during our ongoing drought, reducing turns to improve road safety, and upcoming proposed changes to the Yolo Causeway!  Have a safe and happy 4th of July!


June 26, 2021:  This week's Smiles Show is about showing some love for our oceans and local wildlife!  How can we best protect and preserve these natural resources?  Also, is it "better" to vent or not when you are upset? We'll look at how to vent successfully!  This week's show also features local news, a new study on the effects of marijuana and alcohol on car crash rates, and random sounds that sometimes even surprise the host.  Thanks for listening!


June 18, 2021: What is visual pollution?  And, what can we do about it? Learn all about it on this week's edition of The Smiles Show.  Also, a special shout out to Dads is in order this week, along with a discussion on the benefits of having dads in our lives!  Can we make forests more fire-resilient, by re-creating the results of a fire?  Find out!  And, learn more about the origins of our newest federal holiday, Juneteenth!   Keep on smiling!


June 11, 2021: Authentic conversations are not always easy to have...this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at ways to improve your conversation and communication skills, whether in a personal or professional setting.  Also, the increasing frequency and intensity of hacking and ransomware attacks requires each of us to better manage our personal and professional computing networks; I share multiple ways you can stay safe online and reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.  Car break-ins are on the increase locally, this week's show also shares ways to prevent becoming a victim of that crime as well.  Empower yourself, keep informed, and have fun learning something new with me each week on The Smiles Show!


June 5, 2021:  It's a new month, with much to discuss! A recap of a recent desert trip and ghost town explorations, sunflower viewing tips, migraine remedies, local news regarding a proposed change to a noise ordinance, how to worry less about your "looks," and the decline of the baby name "Karen" and why it is important to move past its pejorative use are all discussed on this week's edition of The Smiles Show! Thanks for listening.


May 29, 2021: There is always SO MUCH to talk about on The Smiles Show, and this week is certainly no exception to the rule! Did you know there are 4 types of drought? Learn what they are, and how they impact one another!  Are you cranky or irritable, or do you know someone who is?  Learn 12 ways to turn that crankiness into friendliness!  Is it hot enough for you? Learn ways to stay safe in the heat!  And, do you worry about other drivers?  Empower yourself with road rage prevention tips.  And, last, but certainly not least, let's talk about ways to celebrate Black Music Appreciation Month! Stay informed and smiling. :-)


May 21, 2021:  As the pandemic restrictions ease, some might be experiencing fear and trepidation about returning to a pre-pandemic "normal." This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at ways to ease into the transition, while also setting your own timeline and boundaries. Many of us are smart phone users, for better and worse...learn about tips and tricks to keep it "better!" Fun, safe, and inexpensive summer activities for you and your family are also highlighted on this week's program. And, as usual, several local news stories and events are featured. Stay informed, entertained, and smiling this and each week on The Smiles Show!


May 14, 2021:  The tenth anniversary of Global Accessibility Awareness Day is on Thursday May 20, 2021.  This week's Podcast Smiles looks at a myriad of ways we can improve our digital and infrastructural accessibility.  This week's show also looks at the recent population decrease in California and discusses whether population growth or decrease is really "all good" or "all bad."  Last, but not least, we all have our pet peeves; I look at some of the more "common" ones, and how we might better approach them in the future.  Missing The Smiles Show could be a big pet peeve for some...don't let it happen to you!


May 7, 2021:  More May celebrations and commemorations are highlighted on this week's edition of The Smiles Show, including Mother's Day, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and Historical Preservation Month.  Show your Mom some love by taking care of your skin while treating her to a day at a local museum of history!  This week's program also talks about how to deal with setbacks, and some of those setbacks kept me hopping on this week's show...for better AND worse!  Thanks for listening.


May 1, 2021: May is here! May is recognized as Older Americans Month, so this week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at the benefits of getting older, how seniors contribute to the richness of our society, great jobs for seniors, how cities can improve their infrastructure to be more welcoming to people of all ages, including seniors. and healthy habits for older individuals. Whether you are a senior citizen, or "in training" to be one, this week's Podcast Smiles is just for you!


April 23, 20201:  The American Lung Association has released their State of the Air 2021 report...this week's Podcast Smiles looks at key findings and facts from the report spanning the years 2017 through 2019, and highlights the many cities in California that still have work to do in improving their air quality.  This week's show also discusses what we can do to create a "better normal" post-pandemic, how cooperation can reduce prejudice, and thoughts on the Derek Chauvin trial and how we can work towards better policing in our communities.  


April 17, 2021: Earth Day is on Thursday April 22nd.  This week's show looks at a myriad of ways that we can each celebrate and contribute to a better Earth for everyone!  This show also looks at the most littered cities in the US, as well as the reasons why some people may choose to litter.  Local news, including an upcoming climate workshop and new funding for several roadway projects, is highlighted as well.  Thanks for listening!


April 10, 2021:  Public transportation is a "go" on this week's edition of The Smiles Show!  The environmental, financial, and community benefits, the pros and cons of free public transportation, ways to improve public transportation, and local public transportation resources are all discussed and explored.  Whether you resonate with rail, buddy up with a bus, or smile with a shuttle, this week's show will make you look at public transportation in new ways! 


April 3, 2021:  A massive data breach recently occurred at the University of California, potentially impacting thousands of employees...this week's program discusses resources and what to do to protect yourself and your financial data.  A follow-up to the study showing Bakersfield as being the 2nd most dangerous place for pedestrians is discussed, along with some actions being taken to mitigate future pedestrian tragedies.  Finally, noise and light pollution and their impacts are not always well-understood; this week's program attempts to "shed some light" and "make some noise" on ways to mitigate each of them!  Thanks for listening.


March 27, 2021: April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month; I look at ways we can reduce distracted driving, as well as some sobering statistics on pedestrian deaths over the last decade, and the 10 most dangerous cities for pedestrians, including one right here in California.  April is also Fair Housing Month, and Volunteer Awareness Month, and I share ways to celebrate both.  The "Woodsy the Owl Litter Pick-Up Challenge" is going strong, and I share updates on how our community is coming together to beautify Davis! This week's show is dedicated to the memory of Shane Carpenter, whom I had the pleasure of working with for several years at Access Sacramento.


March 19, 2021: Tree's Company this week on The Smiles Show! This week's show looks at some of the challenges that California trees are facing, as well as some possible ways that we can help.  The environmental, physical, financial, and mental benefits of trees are highlighted, as well as ways that you can take care of your own tree canopy.  In addition to trees, it's the spring season...join me in looking at fun ways to commemorate!


March 13, 2021: This week's Podcast Smiles is a look back at lessons learned and silver linings over the past year of life in a pandemic.  It hasn't been an easy journey, but it's helped us learn a lot more about ourselves and each other...and things we can do to better our world.  Thanks for listening!


March 6, 2021:  What does "believing in science" mean? This week's show takes a look at the six principles of science, and what they mean in today's world.  Tax Day is coming up soon, and this week's program also looks at ways to keep your finances in order and how to prepare a "financial first aid kit."  Also, if you are feeling overwhelmed by too many distractions, I'll share some suggestions that just might help!  And, last, but not least, can the wind affect us mentally?  I have the answer...based on scientific research.  Enjoy some Smiles, while getting empowered and informed!


February 27, 2021:  This week's 51st Podcast Smiles includes a local news segment on things happening in the Davis area, as well as how to improve your sleep as we celebrate Sleep Awareness Week, tips on living a more ethical life as we celebrate Ethics Awareness Month in March, and ways that cities can improve access and equity for women, as we celebrate Women's History month. As always, there is a lot going on, and The Smiles Show will keep you informed and entertained through it all!


February 20, 2021: Trash talk occurs on this week's Smiles Show!  How can individuals and communities reduce the amount of litter?  Also, what lessons can we learn from Texas and their infrastructure challenges? In other news, the pandemic continues, and this week's show also highlights 50 ways to have fun safely!  Last, the major San Fernando earthquake occurred 50 years ago...earthquake resources are shared, as well as the unexpected safest place to be in an earthquake!  Stay safe, and keep smiling!


February 13, 2021:  A little bit of everything is on this week's Podcast Smiles!  Year of the Ox, International Day of Girls and Women in Science, why cats make the best Valentine's, and how to incorporate more reading into your life...along with some book recommendations from my friends, are all on this week's Smiles Show adventure.  In addition, ways to give up and give back during the upcoming season of Lent are also highlighted.  And, last, but certainly not least, the great work being done by Healthy Davis Together is featured. Thanks for listening.  Stay positive and empowered!


February 6, 2021: Shadows and Love!  Whether you want to celebrate the many ways of showing and sharing love this Valentine's Day season, or you want to work on identifying and working on your "shadow side," this week's Smiles Show has you covered!  Lots of thought-provoking and fun ideas are part of this week's adventure...join in, and remember, the "shadow knows!"


January 29, 2021: This week's Smiles Show has heart!  Heart healthy lifestyle tips are discussed.  February is often recognized as Black History Month, and I share an article on ways to make the urban planning profession more welcoming to people of color, which can result in more equitable communities for all.  Of course, I can't pass up the opportunity to celebrate the groundhog on his special day of February 2nd, so this week's program also highlights Groundhog Day facts and lore.  And, last but not least, I look at how the recent storms have impacted our precipitation situation in northern California.  Something for everyone!


January 23, 2021: Traffic fatalities have increased since the pandemic started in March 2020. This week's Smiles Show looks at some of the possible contributing factors, and ways that public awareness and community involvement may make communities safer for everyone, regardless of their method of transportation. Stats on drunk driving and driving safely in rainy weather are also discussed. Keep both hands on the wheel, and brake for some Smiles!


January 16, 2021: Loneliness and depression may be the "silent pandemic;" this week's program looks at the health risks of ongoing loneliness, as well as ways to work through it, even if that is simply to acknowledge it.  This week's show also looks at the signs of depression and ways to get help.  Finally, fun ways to boost mental well-being are highlighted!  The program this week is dedicated to the memory of two wonderful people I had the honor of knowing; Michael Barbour and James Glicka-Hernandez. 

January 9, 2021:  2021 is off to an eventful and rough start.  This week's show looks at possible contributing factors to the increasing violence and extremism, as well as some tangible ways to increase positive momentum and direction, while building community.   Also, tips on how to be sustainable in 2021 are discussed, courtesy of Greener Davis.  Finally, January is National Mentoring Month, and I look at what a mentor is, as well as mentoring benefits, and how to get involved.   Lots on our plates these days, but let's see how we can keep those plates rolling in a positive and empowering way!


January 2, 2021: It's the first Smiles Show recording of 2021! This week's show includes a great way to celebrate the 50th birthday of Woodsy the Owl, also the announcement of the winner of the 2020 Smiles Show Music Countdown, how our world changed in 2020, ways to get more organized in 2021, and ways to become more observant and increase the richness of your world, even during shelter in place! Here's to a better year ahead for all of us.


December 26, 2020:  As we close out "whatever you call" the year of 2020 and welcome in 2021, this week's Smiles Show looks back at the top news stories of 2020 and some fun holidays to celebrate in 2021! This week's show also looks at some healthy new year's resolutions, and I share some resolutions that I am always working towards every day. Happy New Year to you all! Be safe and well, and keep on smiling!


December 18, 2020:  The Winter Solstice is on Monday 12/21/20...this week's show looks at ways to celebrate with your family or on your own! Also, the holidays don't have to be all "doom and gloom" this year in the and fun activities are highlighted, including ways to celebrate without breaking the bank! All the best to each of you as we celebrate the many wonderful holidays. Thanks for your continued support. Keep smiling!


December 11, 2020: This week's Smiles Show looks at how to best "manage" during the current pandemic lockdown, as well as ways to manage zoom fatigue and canceled holiday traditions.  Don't like something about yourself? The process of writing yourself a self-compassion letter is discussed.  And, last but not least, music can help many of us during these times...some random factoids about how music impacts us are explored!  Dance to the beat of your own drum, and tune in to this week's Smiles Show!


December 5, 2020:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at ways to creatively approach the ongoing pandemic, with fun activities and conversation changers.  Also, what a weather inversion is, and why it's important to observe "no burn" advisories on cold nights, are discussed. Homicide and crime rates are increasing in many large US cities; some possible reasons are explored and discussed.   Stay safe and well.


November 27, 2020:  This week's edition of The Smiles Show looks at how and why we should support small and local businesses, especially in these challenging economic times of the pandemic.  Giving Tuesday is on Tuesday, December 1st, and how to determine the efficacy of charities and non-profit organizations is discussed.  Finally, how we can support one another and those in need during this holiday season is also discussed. 


November 20, 2020:  Gratitude may seem so much more difficult to "find" this year, but in actuality, maybe the things for which we are most thankful are right in front of us? Finding gratitude in a pandemic may be easier than you think! This week's show discusses gratitude, as well as ways to manage the increasing anxiety and depression that may accompany the recent rise in COVID cases and increasing restrictions. I also share my gratitude list, which includes the fantastic listening community!


November 13, 2020:  On this week's Podcast Smiles edition of The Smiles Show, I share thoughts on how each of us can move forward after the recent elections and how to maintain positivity in the face of the latest COVID news.  I also look at how and why "free" parking isn't really free, with the high costs of subsidizing, it, the environmental impacts...and what communities can do to decrease the need for parking, while making them more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. Leave your car in the garage, and join me for a show worth losing your parking spot for!


November 5, 2020: Maintaining peace and sanity in these times of chaos and uncertainty is the focus of this week's Podcast Smiles, available a couple of days earlier than usual for your listening pleasure! Also, November is Lung Cancer Awareness Month, and I share symptoms, risks, and ways to best prevent lung cancer. Thanks for listening!


October 31, 2020:  How can we stay positive and motivated during the ongoing pandemic?  Lots of tips and suggestions are discussed on how to keep smiling even in the hard times.  This week's show also looks at ways to prepare your home for the upcoming winter, and how to save money on home heating energy costs.   And, last but not least, how good is your medication safety and disposal? Ways to make sure your medication is safely stored and disposed are highlighted. 


October 24, 2020: A little bit of everything this week!  Staying safe during high winds, and the 6P's of wildfire evacuation preparation are discussed.  Also, ways to develop more analytical thinking skills, and alternatives to comparing ourselves to others are highlighted.  And, for all you "cat people" out there, Thursday 10/29 is National Cat Day, and I share purrfectly fun feline facts! 


October 17, 2020: California cities are the talk of the town this week on The Smiles Show! The largest, most diverse, greenest, most walkable, most affordable, fastest-growing, and even most pet-friendly are featured. Learn something new about the city you live in, and also find out more about those places you might like to visit someday!  This week's show also features 33 fun things to do this fall during the pandemic...have fun while staying safe!  


October 10, 2020:  Water water everywhere!  This week's show looks at how our drinking water might be impacted by wildfires, whether or not bottled water is a good alternative to tap water, and how clean (or not) the ocean water is off of the California coast.  Whether you drink it or swim in it, we look at ways to make sure it's as clean as possible without harming the larger environment. Burnout has also been on the minds of many, especially with the extended pandemic; today's show includes some suggestions to help! 


October 3, 2020: A little bit of everything this week!  October is Pedestrian Safety Awareness month...I share tips for how drivers and pedestrians can work together to ensure everyone's safety.  It's also Eczema Awareness Month, and I discuss my own journey with this condition, along with ways to manage and treat it.  Finally, the pandemic is taking its toll on our mental health...I look at some of the ways it is impacting us all, and what we might be able to do about it.  


September 26, 2020: October is National Crime Prevention Month; this week's show looks at ways that we can empower ourselves and our communities to stand up to crime.  This week's show also looks at some discouraging numbers on the rates of obesity in the U.S., and ways we might be able to mitigate those numbers through the many benefits of walking!  Finally, National Coffee Day is on Tuesday September 29th, and I share some local coffee shops where you can celebrate!


September 19, 2020: Welcome to UC Davis and the City of Davis!  This week's Podcast Smiles is all about everything UC Davis and Davis, and is dedicated to all the new students, faculty, and staff starting their adventures at UC Davis!  It is also a great opportunity for anyone to learn more about the cool things happening in Davis, and why it is such a special place.  


September 12, 2020:  This week's Podcast Smiles discusses a variety of topics, including ways to protect yourself during the poor air quality, the impact of the bark beetle on the current wildfire situation, how to best manage the feelings of overwhelm during these challenging times, ways to maintain work/life balance, and how practicing social etiquette can help us feel more supported and connected to one another.


September 5, 2020: Labor Day is upon us, and it is the perfect time to discuss the state of labor today!  This week's Podcast Smiles looks at the 50 "best jobs" in 2020, as well as suggestions on job searching in a pandemic, recession-proof jobs you might want to consider, 10 skills to include on a resume, and ways that companies can increase their workforce diversity.  Don't work too hard...but relax for a bit while enjoying The Smiles Show!  This show is also broadcast on Friday 9/11/20 at 5pm on 90.3FM KDVS in Davis.

August 30, 2020:  As we enter September, let's turn our attention to ways each of us can contribute to positive change. September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, and this week's podcast looks at warning signs, resources to help if you are feeling depressed or suicidal, and how to help someone who may be feeling suicidal. September is also Self Improvement Month, and I share 42 ways that each of us can continually create the best version of ourselves, while having some fun, too. Thanks for your continued listenership!


August 24, 2020:  Wildfires are currently impacting California, and especially the local area around Vacaville and Fairfield. This week's podcast looks at ways to prepare in case you must evacuate from a fire, as well as how to locate evacuation zones, how to enroll in safety alerts, and how to protect yourself from the unhealthy air. I also discuss what might be contributing to the increasing frequency and intensity of the fires, and some practices that might help. It's easy to feel depleted right now, so I also share some resources that might help. Stay safe!


August 17, 2020:  Mother Nature has been really showing what she's made of the last few days here in California; frequent thunderstorms and oppressive heat have been on full display!  This week's podcast discusses what's causing the current weather patterns; I also discuss some of the many weather records that have been broken, along with the definition of a "heat wave" and how we can all stay safe in the heat, while also saving energy...and money on energy bills!


August 10, 2020:  Make sure the news you consume is real news!  Verifying and validating news sources is on this week's docket.  Also, ways to build and maintain momentum during these challenging times are discussed.  And, last, but not least, I look at 10 ways to connect with one another and the larger community; lots of fun suggestions are featured!  Thanks for listening!


August 6, 2020: August is National Water Quality Month!  This week's podcast looks at resources for determining your local water quality and also 10 ways that each of us can help protect and preserve our critical water quality and water supply.  This week's podcast also reminds you to register to vote.  And, if you are looking to take a little vacation during the current pandemic, I discuss a recent desert trip that I took with my dad which provided lots of chances to experience natural grandeur, while being fairly COVID-safe.  Thanks for listening!

July 27, 2020:  Vehicle traffic is on the increase again, and so are speeding cars and trucks! This week's show discusses the plan by the City of Sacramento to reduce the speed limits on many streets throughout the city, and I also look at 12 ways cities can reduce vehicle speeds through road design modifications, landscaping, public art, and street markings. Even though more vehicles are out driving, there is less need for parking than before the pandemic, so today's show also looks at ways to repurpose parking lots for the pandemic.  Slow your roll, and tune in for this week's edition!


July 21, 2020: How is the pandemic impacting higher education, for better and worse? This week's show explores thoughts on learning accessibility, sports, college towns, and creating more vibrancy in an online world.  A recent study on the Top 10 most gentrified cities was recently released; I look at the list and discuss ways that we can balance community development without pushing out those less socioeconomically advantaged. U.S. Congressman John Lewis is also remembered, and in local news, I look at what the ownership change at The Sacramento Bee might mean to local news reporting. Something for everyone!


July 14, 2020:  Looks like this pandemic is going to be with us for awhile...this week's show provides ways to empower yourself and build community and "weather the storm" during these challenging times.  Acts of kindness, local and small business support, and boredom busters for families are all highlighted!


July 7, 2020: The first Podcast Smiles of July 2020 covers a little bit of everything! Proper mask wearing, 10 ways to deal with ongoing uncertainty, 6 ways to contribute to your community, suburban comebacks, and celebrating our parks...these topics are all highlighted on this week's show.  Happy listening!


June 30, 2020: Something for everyone this week!  Resources for families with kids who are "bored," as well as senior resources are highlighted.   It's summertime, and this week's show also provides tips for saving money on your water and air conditioning bills.  And, with recent earthquakes hitting California, I also provide reminders  to prepare for the inevitable shaking!


June 23, 2020: Stress and anxiety are at high levels these days!  This week's show will help you manage some of that "anxious stress," as well as help you get past the victim mentality and become an empowered survivor!  This week's show also looks at the topic of affirmative action, and some of the potential benefits and challenges of such programs. 


June 16, 2020: There is so much going on these days, and it often feels like everybody is talking...but no one is listening.  This week's show looks at ways to become a more active listener and the perils of absolute thinking; these are critical tools for building dialogue and community.  This week's podcast also looks at ways to have fun during the upcoming summer solstice! Thanks for smiling with me! :)


June 9, 2020: This week's Podcast Smiles looks at ways to support racial equality through reading, mindfulness, and non-profit organization donations.  June is Men's Health Awareness Month, and ways to take care of your health at each stage of life are also discussed on the podcast.  Finally. today's podcast looks at ways to have fun...these suggestions can help bridge differences as well!


June 2, 2020:  In the wake of the George Floyd death, this week's show discusses what each of us can do, including law enforcement, to help change the narrative of police injustice, and promote community-building and better community understanding.


May 26, 2020: Statistics are everywhere!  This week's Podcast Smiles will identify ways to analyze what you hear and read to make sense of the statistics, and give you tools to help from being misled. Also featured this week are hot weather safety tips and lessons learned from the pandemic.  This week's show is dedicated to the St Patrick St Vincent High School Class of 1990!


May 19, 2020:  Memorial Day history and commemoration, what to do in a hit and run situation, the effects of gratitude on comparing ourselves with others, and the ongoing risks and benefits of the current pandemic on higher education are the featured topics on this week's edition of Podcast Smiles!


May 12, 2020: The month of May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month and High Blood Pressure Awareness Month.  Empower yourself with information to keep your skin healthy and your blood pressure numbers in the "good" range!  Online resources for COVID19 allowed activities are also included in this week's podcast.  Thanks for listening!


May 5, 2020: The Big Day of Giving, Asthma Awareness Month, State of the Air Report, and Chalk Art are this week's topics...something for everyone!


April 29, 2020:  This week's Smiles Show looks at ways to be a good pedestrian, a review of helpful hints for taking care of yourself, how to support local businesses in Downtown Davis at this time, as well as resources for suicide prevention and domestic abuse.


April 21, 2020: Happy Earth Day!  50 years and going strong.  Discussion on ways to take care of the Earth and celebrate every day. It is also Volunteer Awareness Week; ways to volunteer, even while sheltering in place, and the many benefits of volunteering are highlighted on this week's Podcast Smiles.


April 14, 2o2o: Boredom busters during the pandemic, ways to ensure clean air in your home, how to stay active indoors with common household items, and how to properly secure your computer technology from viruses and phishing attempts.


April 7, 2020: Ways to save and make money during the current pandemic, silver linings: cleanest air in Los Angeles since 1980, thanks to Dr Thibodeaux and the UCSF Eczema staff for all they do!


April 1, 2020:  25 fun ways to spend time with your family during the pandemic, whether or not you should wear a face mask when going out, and how one expert thinks the world will change as a result of the pandemic

March 26, 2020:  The importance of self-care, lung health, safe activities during shelter-in- place, and 6 things to do every day during quarantine

March 19, 2020:  First Podcast Smiles show; managing change, online educational options for children and adults

March 13, 2020: Latest information on the coronavirus, ways to prepare yourself, and resources to help you during the epidemic, fun things you can do during this time where you may be relegated to staying home

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