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Topics on this week's 12/02/23 Show: Automobile Bias in Reporting, Mind Over Body, Stopping Identity Theft, Disappearing Grayhound Stations, Local News!

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Hi everyone!  I'm Jimmy Smiles, host of The Smiles Show, a weekly public affairs and community empowerment podcast available anytime on this website and each Friday at 5pm PT on 90.3FM KDVS in Davis and a music program each Wednesday at 2pm PT on 96.5FM KUBU in Sacramento.

The Smiles Show, Music Edition, is on Wednesdays at 2pm PT on KUBU 96.5FM and online.  This week's 12/06/23 show is celebrating the 1990s; all songs hail back to the last decade before the turn of the century! And, check out the playlist for the songs played each week on The Smiles Show.

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