Topic on this week's Podcast Smiles: This week on The Smiles Show I look at the recent overturn of the Roe vs Wade decision by the US Supreme Court, and what you can do if you are feeling powerless, scared, or angry. I suggest multiple ways to contribute to positive change and education, while taking care of yourself, too. This week's show also talks about lightning and hot weather safety, public pianos in Davis, noisy sky gliders, upcoming 4th of July holiday fun in Davis, and a cool program celebrating Davis trees! Thanks for listening to The Smiles Show.

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The Smiles Show, Music Edition, is on Wednesdays at 2pm PT on KUBU 96.5FM and online.  This week's 6/29/22 show features "night" songs to commemorate the wonderful "magic" that is the night!  And, check out the playlist for all the songs played each week on The Smiles Show.

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Hi everyone!  I'm Jimmy Smiles, host of The Smiles Show, a weekly public affairs and community empowerment podcast available anytime on this website and each Friday at 5pm PT on 90.3FM KDVS in Davis and a music program each Wednesday at 2pm PT on 96.5FM KUBU in Sacramento.



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