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My "Moment of Fame" on Countdown America!

Countdown America with Dick Clark was one of my favorite weekly music countdown programs to listen to in the early 1990s; it focused on songs that charted on the “easy listening,” or Adult Contemporary chart.

I remember when it used to play at midnight on Saturday on 96.5FM KOIT in San Francisco, and I would do my darndest to get my trusty portable radio in my UC Davis dorm room to pick up the station (no internet in those days)! I was happy to find later, that Countdown America was also broadcast on 95.3FM KUIC from Vacaville on Sunday mornings at 9AM. I was able to get the program much more clearly, and also get my beauty sleep!

I wrote a letter to Dick Clark with a question on whether or not a song on the Adult Contemporary charts ever went to Number One, fell out of that spot, and then later returned to Number One. It happened at four different times in the chart, according to Dick Clark, and he answered my question on the show in June 1993! It was so cool! This video is a brief recording of when Dick Clark announced my question, as well as my name and where I was listening to the show. Unfortunately, it was originally recorded on cassette, so after a few seconds, the audio becomes all garbled. I removed the garbled portion, but the “listenable” part is intact.

By the way, the four songs that make up the answer to the question are:

1. I Can’t Stop Loving You by Ray Charles

2. Born Free by Roger Williams

3. Love Story by Andy Williams

4. I Just Fall In Love Again by Anne Murray

Each of the above songs spent time at Number One, fell out of that Number One spot and then returned for another stint at Number One! So now you know.

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